Ariens Zoom 42 inch V-Twin Kohler 6000 Engine Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

Reduce your lawn cutting time by half with the powerful and versatile Ariens Zoom 42. Forget fatigue, as this mower is here to make things easy. Equipped with an electric PTO and a wash out port, it is best suited for lawns that are small or medium sized. The controls are user friendly and provide comfort to its user. A foot operated lever system and a high back seat allows you to control it effortlessly. Durable design and sophisticated as well as well-engineered parts make it a high performing and long lasting land mower.

Ariens Zoom 42 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 42-inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom 42 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 42-inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower
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Ariens Zoom 42 Features

  • Cutting Width: 42 inches and adjustable cutting height in the range of 1.5 – 4.5 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 2 gallons
  • Speed: Forward Speed- 6mph, Reverse Speed: 3mph
  • Engine: Kohler 6000 Series with 19 Horse Power and 660 CC Displacement
  • Cylinder: Twin-cylinder
  • Transmission: EZT Hydro Gear and Electric PTO
  • Weight: 440 lbs, Dimensions: Length- 64”, Width- 54”, Height- 43”
  • Foot Assisted Deck Lift and High Back Seat
  • Stamped steel cutting deck with deck thickness of 12 Gauge
  • 3 Spindles and twin blades


  • The Ariens Zoom 42″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower comes with a twin-cylinder 19 horse power Kohler 6000 series engine that offers a power packed performance.
  • The lawnmower is fitted with a stamped steel deck with a deck thickness of 12-Gauge. Additionally, it is equipped with 3 exceptional spindles that do not require maintenance. This makes the mower extremely durable and allows for sufficient airflow.
  • The EZT transmissions have cooling fans that prevent overheating.
  • The cutting width allows you to mow a lot more grass in lesser time. You can also adjust the cutting height within a range of 1.5-4.5 inches.
  • Experience maximum comfort while operating this mower as it comes with a deck lift that you can operate by foot. Additionally, the back seat is tall and elevated thereby providing ease of operation.
  • The control arms are adjustable to three different positions, which enhance comfort and make the mower easy to steer.
  • The twin hydrostatic transaxles are highly responsive and enable easy and smooth control making the mowing experience effortless.
  • It is stable to ride owing to a four-point deck hanging system.

Tips for Easy Handling

  • Observe caution while operation the mover on slopes. Slopes are prone to accidents due to loss of control or tipping over of the mower. Do not operate the mower on slopes greater than 15 degrees.
  • After using the mower, disengage the attachment, the engine, and the stop unit. Do not forget to remove the key and engage the parking brake. Before you leave the operator’s position ensure that all moving parts have stopped.
  • Keep hands and feet away from rotating blades, guards, shields, discharge chute, moving belts and all other moving or rotating parts.
  • Keep away from the discharge opening.
  • Some parts of the mower heat up during operation. Allow parts to cool down before you touch them to avoid burns.
  • Ensure proper assembly of all the parts. Incase of replacement, use parts authorized by Ariens only. Improper assembly or use of unauthorized parts may be extremely dangerous and unsafe.
  • Before operating the mower, ensure that the whole grass catcher, the discharge guard and all other safety devices are in place and are in a working condition.
Ariens Zoom 42

Ariens Zoom 42
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Price Considerations

The Ariens Zoom 42 is available on Amazon at $5,617.95 with free shipping in most parts of USA. It can be delivered to you with or without expert assembly. Expert assembly costs an additional $189.89. Its features make it easy to operate and maneuver. This land mower provides great value and outstanding performance while cutting down your mowing time and effort to a large extent. Experience comfort, ease and convenience as you mow your lawn effortlessly with this durable, high quality and well engineered machine.