Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers

With everything going electric nowadays, it is only natural that lawn mowers too have electric variants. But are these electric mowers better than the gas guzzling noisy lawn mowers of the past? If you were blindfolded and asked to choose between an electric lawn mower and a gas powered one, without knowing the brand or its specifications, what would you choose and why? We hope it is the electric lawn mower and here’s why.

Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers

Benefits And Advantages Of Electric Mowers

It’s Noiseless

The very first and most evident advantage electricity has over gasoline is the noise level. Gas engines are driven by a phenomenon called, “internal combustion”, which basically involves blowing up a tiny mixture of highly inflammable carbohydrates in a tight space. As with any explosion, this produces a lot of noise and unlike a car that has a muffler to decrease the noise lawn mowers are too small and rudimentary in their design to have them. On the other hand, electric mowers use electricity driven motors that produce zero sound.

It’s Environment Friendly

Burning gas is bad for our environment and yet our economy depends on it. Why waste it on lawn mowers and cause pollution when we can all join together and save it for our future generations. In fact, studies have already proven that 2 stroke engines like those on lawn mowers tend to produce twice the amount of pollutants as released from a car engine at least 10 times more powerful than it. By using electric mowers, you save on gas and help the economy in a small way but contribute towards bettering the environment in a big manner.

It’s Low Maintenance

Quite frankly, the lesser moving parts a machine has, the more durable and low maintenance it is. Gasoline engines have plenty of moving parts and produce a lot of vibrations that causes the internal structure to wear down over time. Moreover, its dependence on a fuel boosts oxidization of individual components that further decrease its life. You have to continuously maintain a gasoline engine, cleaning it, oiling it, checking for broken parts and servicing it so that it keeps serving you for a long time.

On the other hand, electric mowers have very little moving parts and lower vibrations. So, maintenance of electric lawn mowers involves, replacing a worn out power cord, overall oiling once in a blue moon and the occasional change of the drive belt. The motor itself should serve you a good decade or more since they are mostly rigid in construction with a single moving piece.

It’s Tech Savvy

Lawn mowers that have a brain of their own, which can mow on their own, need electricity to power the IC or its brain. So, naturally electric mowers are best suited for this task. Moreover, new models now feature remote controls that need not be manually controlled.

It’s Safer

Plenty of safety features now come integrated into electric versions such as instant shut-off if user does not keep contact with the handle, gradual increase in RPM of the motor to prevent melt down etc. You simply cannot expect such features from conventional gas run mowers.

And Finally…. It’s Cheaper

The cost of purchasing, owning and maintaining an electric lawn mower is at least two times cheaper than a gasoline-powered mower. Electric motors cost less to manufacture, lack of moving parts reduces total construction cost and integrated circuits make maintenance a breeze as the mowers of today alert you to potential problems such as obstructions in the blade face or overheating of the motor.

Yes, some folks argue that electric mowers are limited by the length of their power cords or by the charge left in the batteries but that is a small price to pay when there are numerous benefits to be gained by discarding outdated gasoline technology. The future belongs to electricity and electric mowers.