Benefits of Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers have always been a hit among the lawn owners, no matter what kind of lawn. Yes, they can be noisy, and produce nauseating smells, but they make up for all their shortcomings in many ways. Read on to find out why gas powered lawn mowers could actually be the type that you may be looking for.

8 Benefits of Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Benefits of Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Benefits of Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Sheer Power

So far, even with so many advancements, electric engines have not been able to surpass the gas engines in terms of power output. Sure, the electric engines are getting more and more powerful, but it will be at least a decade or two before they match the horsepower of gasoline engines.

Better Performance

Unlike most electric lawn mowers, gas lawn mowers are not bothered by the thickness or toughness of the grass. They simply chop them off in swift action effortlessly. This makes them a huge hit, especially among those who wish to save time on chores.

No Cords

The gas-powered lawn mowers are not powered by an external source as is the case with corded electric lawn mowers. This gives the lawnmower a huge advantage in terms of mobility. Without being bound by a cord, the gas lawn mowers can cover a large area that is beyond the reach of any corded lawn mower. Moreover, gas powered lawn mowers can be transported from one place to another, and used in different locations.

A major advantage of the absence of cords is convenience. There is no danger of running over the cord while mowing the lawn. A corded electric lawn mower user has to be continuously mindful of the cord, and make sure that it does not come under the lawn mower itself.

Higher Efficiency

While corded electric lawn mowers are limited by reach, cordless electric lawn mowers are limited by efficiency. Cordless lawn mowers can be painfully slow in mowing even medium size lawns. For instance, they take somewhere around 15 hours to get charged, only to deliver two to four hours of lawn mowing. Unlike them, gas powered lawn mowers can work without any interruptions until the entire lawn is mowed, provided there is enough fuel supply, which brings us to the next point.

Have Low Power Supply Requirements

A few liters of gas are enough to mow even a significantly large lawn. If you have managed to store some gas for the occasion, you can completely mow the lawn in one go in a few hours. Since the gas powered lawn mowers cut through the grass with ease, they also cover a large area in a small amount of time.


Many electric lawn mowers are not powerful enough to operate on rough terrains. When the lawns are riddled with obstacles such as trees, stones, and so on, electric lawn mowers are difficult to operate. In fact, some electric versions are not capable of mowing even 15 degree slopes. On the other hand, gas powered lawn mowers generally have no problem navigating such obstacles. They can mow a steep hill as easily as they navigate around the plains. The speed of the blades, the height, and other factors can be controlled in real time to ensure the best results.


They are significantly more durable than many electric lawn mowers. With robust build quality, they last many more years than their gas counterparts. They are designed for rugged usage, and no matter how roughly they are used, regular maintenance can extend their lifespan significantly.

No Electrocution

Electric lawn mower users have to be very careful when they are using these machines. There is always the chance of water getting into the lawn mower and damaging its parts. Moreover, even minor damages to insulation can lead to electrocution. However, a gas powered lawn mower does not pose any such problems. They are undoubtedly a less risky option.

Apart from these, there are numerous small things that can together make the gas powered lawn mowers a much better option. For instance, you will never come to the garage and find your mower out of charge. Even when you run out of fuel, you can instantly add it, or even spend a few minutes to get it, in case you have run out of stock. Compare that to a 15 hour waiting period for charging electric mowers, gas powered sound like a huge relief.