10 Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews (EXPERT GUIDE 2020)

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While the prevalence of the lawn mowing services is an increasing phenomenon, having the best electric lawn mower is a special fact on its own. The acquisition of your own lawn mower is usually a good thing, especially if you are someone who loves to look at the welfare of his home, which should not be a deterrent to anyone at all.

However, the biggest deterrent as I came to learn is the fact that most of the lawn mowing brands are just perfect for the job, for instance, the tractor, and some hand pushed lawn mowers are known for literally annihilating the whole lawn into the best shape you may wish it to have. A real challenge when it comes to choosing them.

This does not mean that the whole task of choosing the lawn mowers is overly complex or that easy, it is a tedious process as well as interesting one; many as a result are known to have taken into their custody something which even does not warrant being called lawn mowers.

electric law mower

electric law mower

It is a problem of ignorance. Though as the saying goes, ignorance is no defense and so that was my lesson when I went to look for an appropriate electric lawn mower to purchase in 2020-2021. The choice of any appropriate lawn mower is not an easy undertaking as the mere fact that the mowers are found in droves in the market complicates the whole process.

Because of the innovative work of most of the companies known for the production of the lawn mowers like the Black&Decker Company, the Worx electrical, the Earthwise, the LawnMaster the Remington the GreenWorks and the Sun Joe, I would bet that you have your hands full.

That is not supposed to be as it happened to most of us back then when the information on the best lawn mowers was as elusive as the proverbial cat. There are numerous reviews at the moment, all meant to ensure that your purchase and use of lawnmowers is a simple affair.

That is the mission we have with the several reviews on our site trying to get the lawn mower users to be up to speed with the diverse areas on the lawn mower one needs to look at when purchasing. I would say, we literally offer a soft landing where the use of the electric lawn mowers are concerned.

The presence of diverse electric lawn mowers was rather challenging to me, thanks to the ignorance I was wallowing in. With the help of my friend, I bought the Black & Decker MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower, corded, 6.5-Amp, which gave me some good service.

This lawn mower was efficient in every sense while at the same time the price would make any miser frown. It is the design of the lawn mower which made me have the appliance work better according to what I came to discover.

This does not mean that the lawn mower has no share of weaknesses, a common feature with all the man made appliances, you are likely to find fault with a few areas of its use. In general, I recommend you try this if you can’t get one among the best electric lawn mowers we have reviewed.

Top 10 Best-Rated Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

1. Black & Decker MTE912 12-Inch 6.5-Amp Corded Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower

Black and Decker MTE912

Black and Decker MTE912

Most people are amazed at the level of power which this electric lawn mower has in the course of its mowing, however, the Automatic Feed System which is just referred to as the AFS does the magic because it ensures the best levels of continuity. However, the motor of the lawn mower and the use of the gear drive transmission help in the continued use while preventing cases of the lawn mower getting bogged down.

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2. GreenWorks 25112 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25112

GreenWorks 25112

The powerful 13 AMP motor used on this electric lawn mower is what you need to keep an eye on. Because of its rich options, the grass clipping and cutting using this electric lawn mower has never been that easy. In addition, the height adjustment features and the presence of wheels enable the diverse range of height and movement in the course of cutting the lawn thus reducing fatigue. The steel inch cutting deck is an embodiment of efficiency and fast service.

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3. GreenWorks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25142

GreenWorks 25142

For their known strength, this lawn mower has all the embodiments of the best lawn mower in the current market. The addition of the 16 inch cutting deck makes the job done efficiently, just like what the brand is known for. This also features the 2 in 1 features of mulching and the ability to have its rear discharge capabilities. The motor is an electric 10 Amp which is powerful enough to help the lawn mower run efficiently and continuously. The aesthetic touch of this lawn mower is the best attraction to this lawn mower.

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4. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher

Sun Joe MJ401E

Sun Joe MJ401E

The Sun Joe electrical has done it again with its one electric lawn mower which features a 12 Amp electric motor for efficiency. In addition, this is the only brand which has the 2.5 height adjustment. For its green policy, this lawn mower has no oily cases which can dirty your clothes. The addition of the hard top grass catcher with detachable feature and the easy push button are meant for additional convenience.

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5. GreenWorks 25022 20-inch 12 amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25022

GreenWorks 25022

Featuring the trademark GreenWorks steel 20 inch cutting deck which makes it quite efficient. In addition, its usable in the different range of heights with adjustments makes it more efficient in use. However, the powerful nature of the GreenWorks is seen with its 12 Amp electric motor which has enough punch to cut any given lawn without having to stop. For those who want to make mulches, this is an ideal lawn mower for your use.

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6. EGO Power+ 20-inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt

EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt

The EGO 20-inch cordless lawn mower has a powerful 56V EGO engine which can cut tall grass in bag and mulching modes with excellent cut quality. The EGO power mower comes with good size wheels for good maneuverability while trimming and landscaping the garden.

The EGO cordless mower comes in a highly compact design for easier storage in small spaces. It’s adjustable flexibility offers greater user comfort while a durable foam or rubber padding that is found on the mower handle provides a higher degree of comfort and adjustability. Its height can be adjusted so both tall as well as short users would find it most comfortable.

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7. GreenWorks 25302 20-Inch Twin Force G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25302

GreenWorks 25302

Because of the safety to the environment, this is one of the electric lawn mowers which will make your user experience memorable. The powerful motor and the 18 inch cutting deck can assure you of the best ever results. For convenience, the 7 inch rear wheels enable it moves on the lawn easily.

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8. GreenWorks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25012

GreenWorks 25012

Simplicity should never be an issue when it comes to delivery of some of the most powerful mowing works. The multi pronged 21 featured approach is best shown by its 2 in 1 combination. The 18 inch durable steel is enough to assure the user of longer use, a fact known with the brand products.

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9. WORX WG775 14-Inch Lil’Mo 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower with Removable Battery and Grass Collection Bag



The 3 in 1 lawn mower is known for its mulching and the ability to discharge the mowed grass. You will have an ease of use as the start switch on pull start mechanism makes it quite easy. The adjustable height with the ability to cut diverse inches is enough for the user.

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10. WORX WG782 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower with IntelliCut



The electric lawn mower quality has been attributed solely due to its intelliCut mowing technology and the additional torque and the special mulching blade. The 3 in 1 operation is what is so special about it. It is for this that it can mow 10, 000 square feet within its 40 minute runtime.

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What are the best types of lawn mowers?

Because the use of lawn mowers has been the in-thing in the market, knowing which type of lawn mower you are going to buy is one fundamental step towards getting for yourself the best lawn mower in the market. It is also good because it saves you that time you would be taking looking around the market.

A lawn mower as the name suggest is used mainly on the lawn management exercise. Lawn mowers rely on some external source of power to help in the mowing exercise. Gasoline power and electricity of any of the forms is notable on most of the lawn mower powering.

It is worth noting that most of the lawn mowers are classified according to the manner of operations and the source of power. Whichever the case, there are certain notable types of lawn mowers you may be interested in during your shopping:

On the basis of blade operations

The Cylinder / Reel lawn mowers

These use some cylindrical blades in the course of their lawn mowing work. With these blades which are made to take a cylindrical shape, their use to give lawns that user’s desirable ideal look has never been in doubt. They are known to come in all types of gasoline and electric powered mowers which makes them what they are.

Unlike the rotary lawn mowers, these are the most ideal in lawn designing as it can cut the lawn to its finest look as may be needed by the user. However, their use may not be that popular as they work only best in flat areas or well developed lawns without obstacles.

The Rotary Mowers

These are used based on a rotating blade which cuts off the grass. Because of their nature, they are not as powerful as the hover lawn mowers and so their level of efficiency is usually known to be lower and may only work in smaller lawn yards.

However, it is worth noting that this is one type of electric lawn mower is worth having around as it is more resilient in the course of cutting the grass. In several cases, when they are used with fitted rollers, they are used for lawn design. They mostly derive their power from gasoline based combustion processes.

The Hover Lawn Mowers

These are ideally the most used on many of the lawns as it may be able to cover smaller and larger lawns in equal measure. Because of their overall torque derived from the electric current they are known to use, the hovers work well even in areas with obstacles as it is only meant to hover above the grass, the secret to its use and popularity.

It is not uncommon to find the lawn hovers which are fitted with rollers to aid in designing the lawn to the taste of the user. This is in addition to the fact that they are also among the most resilient lawn mowers after the rotary ones in terms of handling longer grass.

On the basis of power

Manual Reel/ Hand-guided Lawn Mowers

They are usually operated using hands which is used to pull reels which are attached on the lawn mower wheels through gears. As the push forward effect makes the blades to spin, making the mowing to take place. With the use of the push behind lawn mowers, the use of the hand and the eye to give the mower the direction is the order of the day.

The operator is expected to take full charge of the whole mowing experience by guiding the mower along the yard. It is in this regard that these are regarded as energy sapping on the user and thus may not be ideal for longer mowing.

Electric Lawn Mowers

These mowers exploit the use of an electric current from either of the several sources to run the lawn mower. Because of its power, quiet nature, efficiency and overall environmental friendliness, it is one of the most preferred lawn management tools around.

Gasoline Lawn Mowers

These exploit a combustion system on the engine run by the use of fossil fuel in the form of gasoline. Because of their nature, these engines are regarded as quite powerful in real sense. The manner of horsepower a line points to the varied levels of power these engines have.

Gasoline lawn mowers are regarded to be the most powerful and can do a better job but they are notably pollution prone while also having the likelihood of a lot of noise. It is this fact which has made them to be shunned in certain neighborhoods. The majority of these are riding mowers and tractor drawn ones as well.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Unlike most of its counterparts, the robotic lawn mowers use the robotics principle and operate independent of an operator. The modern lawn management has assumed this as the new face of lawn mowing.

They are commonly navigated with the help of a remote controlled device, which then points to the fact that they are still operated albeit remotely. Though considered efficient, they may not be as powerful in areas which are full of obstacles as can be seen with the case of gasoline or electric lawn mowers.

On the basis of use and attachments

Tractor Pulled Mowers

While the mowing unit here may be independent, it only works when attached to a tractor engine, guided by an operator and running through the use of gasoline combustion. Tractor pulled lawn mowers are used for commercial lawn management purposes as they are known for their immense power and ability to cut even longer grass lengths.

Riding Mowers

These are mainly designed with a slot for the operator to sit on. These are common with most of the tractor drawn lawn mowers whose capacity to mow large lawn is commendable as there are no chances of the operator getting tired. Most of these are based on gasoline use.

Mulching Lawn Mowers

The electric lawn mower mulchers are efficient and are made to avoid the pilling of the cut grass on the lawn, a fact which has been blamed for certain environmental hazards, the mulching mowers which have a mulcher attached are meant to assist with turning of the grass into fine mulch. Such mowers have the bagging capacity and have been the face of most of the modern lawn mowers.

Push Behind Mowers

These usually require the one operating it to basically push it from behind to enable its movement. They are commonly made to work with the electric motor despite the fact that the gasoline powered ones are also available in the market. Because they appear in all manner and shades, what makes the whole difference is usually the powering mechanism meant to make the work of the user easier.

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

These are mainly high speed lawn mowing appliances which in most cases use piston/ hydraulic power or electricity to be powered. They are in a sense riding mowers and can work on large areas in shorter periods of time. In some cases, you may find them working with several blades and are named as such as they have no turning radius.

What types of electric lawn mowers are available today?

Today, the world is moving digital and old school items are being pushed over the periphery. It is quite common to see individuals selling items which are bound to increase their safety and comfort of their users, which is the mark of being the best. The best electric lawn mowers not left behind.

Though the riding tractor lawn mowers can still be seen roaming about some big fields, the electric lawn mowers have been attributed to be able to do a good job and give the best account of them. The presence of the push behind hand maneuvering mowers is still not a complete out of sight occurrence, as they still hold some relevance.

While that is so, the majority of the available electric lawn mowers in the market are push behind electric ones which span from across the different manufactures. The electric lawn mowers are categorized into two, which is mostly depending on how they draw their power:

Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Corded electric lawn mower has been the norm in most areas of the lawn mower use. They are generally known for their use of an electric cable as the mainstay in drawing the power from the source.


  • Easy to use especially on large lawns.
  • Quiet in their operations.
  • Environmentally friendly as there are mo cases of emission.
  • Quit efficient when you need to work on larger lawns.
  • Both financially and environmentally sustainable.


  • Cases of cable intertwining and cutting off power.
  • Cumbersome if the area is not connected to the electric power grid.
  • May not move farther than the power cable length.

These types of electric lawn mower would be more preferred to use when the area to be mowed is bigger, with longer grass and with obstacles as well as they have been attributed to have better power.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

This is a type of electric lawn mower which mostly relies on the use of battery power in its operations. However, the modern technology has come up with some solar powered brands whose use has never been so much advanced.


  • Quiet in their operations.
  • Easy to use as it requires no cable.
  • Efficient though not as the corded ones where long grass is to be mowed.
  • Generally cheap at purchase


  • It attracts higher maintenance costs especially with regard to battery replacements and charging.
  • May not be as efficient as anticipated, may not cut longer grass.

When do we use it?

The overall; areas of use is in most cases in lawns with shorter grass.

Brand names

When talking of electric lawn mowers, you will not conclude before delving into some of the following brands:


For its stature, the brands has remained stuck out like some sore thumb in the lawn mower market. This is so because of its quality and the manner in which its lawn mowers are user focused.

Black and Decker

This brand has been known mainly in the electric appliance manufacture, making it one of the most trusted lieutenants when electric lawn mower brands are mentioned.


Though not usually as conspicuous, the Worx brand has cut a niche for itself with the innovative aspects of its few electric lawn mower types.

Sun Joe

When power is compared the Sun Joe electric lawn mower is worth having around your home. However, the brand has lately developed some electric lawn mowers foe smaller spaces within the home which makes it ideal for smaller compounds.


For its similarities with the Greenworks electric lawn mowers, this is bound to dazzle you with its exploitation of technology.


For its prowess in the making of some of the longer lasting electric lawn mowers, this brand compares well with some of the latest crop of electric lawn mowers. It has even been among the lowest priced, yet better electric lawn mowers brands in the market.


Honda has been known in the field of electronics and automotive. Though with lots of reservations, most of the electric lawn mowers of the Honda brand are using just trial and error methodologies in their quest for better mowing, a fact that has not made them that popular.

What is the cordless electric lawn mower timing?

This is basically the amount of time the cordless lawn appliance battery is capable of taking between the times of switch on for the purpose of mowing till the mower battery goes down needing another recharge. The runtime basically points to the time when the mower is active and not the time when it is stored.

Most lawn mower making industries have thus in some cases come up with estimates, some of which are rather true while others are marketing gimmicks. Shopping around, there are two notable features on the runtime debate:

The timing is never static

While the majority of the cordless electric lawn mowers have been touted to have a runtime of up to 45 minutes, in some cases even above, the possibility of maintaining the runtime throughout its entire lifespan may not be something of a reality.

The use of rechargeable battery as the major source of the cordless electric lawn mower power has made this dream of having a longer lasting appliance not to be a reality as the battery gets depleted and runs into obsolesce.

What then remains is a decreasing rate at which the runtime is fixed with some cases making the effective use of the cordless electric lawn mowers to be rather something regarded as a pipe dream with cases of recharging quite rampant.

Battery status determine efficiency and time

Cordless electric lawn mowers require a fully charged battery to function. This is a clear pointer at the relationship between the runtime and the condition of the battery. As the battery continues wearing out with inability to hold the charge taking root, you are likely to have a shell of an electric cordless lawn mower on your hand.

Most of the faster working cordless lawn mowers are therefore fitted with better batteries, in some cases some have even two batteries to be used consecutively while the modern electric lawn mowers have been fitted with self charging mechanisms to aid in that.

The cordless electric lawn mower timing therefore depends entirely on the battery condition and nothing else! That is why you will likely find companies which have developed better batteries glossing over longer runtimes of over 45 minutes, which is just a prelude to the reality. Some cordless electric lawn mowers have lower runtimes of even 10 minutes, you may need to have a recharger ready, or forget about the mowing altogether!

Should we choose corded or cordless?

When it comes to matters of price, the cordless electric lawn mowers are considered to cost less. However, the cost of running them when compared to the corded ones is rather higher. In the area of operations, you will love the operations of both as they are quiet, efficient and easy to use implements.

Which one is preferred?

Of the two, the corded electric lawn mower would suit the demands of most of the lawn owners some areas of preference could be based on:


Cordless electric lawn mowers demand recharging and replacement of its battery unlike the corded ones which do not attract huge maintenance costs. In addition, the corded electric lawn mowers can be trusted to do a better job no matter the length of the grass to be mowed.


Corded electric lawn mowers are more powerful than the cordless electric lawn mowers have. What makes the whole difference it is the size of motor fitted on the cordless ones compared to their corded counterparts.


However much we agree that both the corded and cordless electric lawn mowers are found to offer green solutions, the cordless ones may beat this cause as some have led in them.

The advantages of using an electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mowers have been noted to be of benefit in several areas which has made their use quite preferred by many of its users. Some of the notable advantages of the electric lawn mower as seen by majority of the users in market include;

  • It is clean – unlike the gasoline lawn mowers, the electric lawn mower has few cases of soot, oil spills and smoke. This has made them easy to handle by most of its users in the market. In addition, the overall benefit on the health of the user is notable as it keeps the user free from possibility of having grass logged into the user’s nose.
  • Pollution-free – because of their overall silence in operations, the electric lawn mowers are known to be environmentally friendly on the ear. Additionally, its lack of smoke makes it one of the most preferred green solution implements in the farm.
  • Easy to use – looking closely at the electric lawn mowers, you are going to agree with the fact that the there are no dirty cases of having to handle oil using bare hands.
  • Cheap – the overall maintenance cost of electric lawn mowers are lower in comparison to the other gasoline lawn mowers. In addition to this is the fact that the electric lawn mowers require the use of no gasoline which you have to buy regularly.
  • Sustainability – when all is said and done, sustainability is the order of the modern world. Most lawn care experts have alluded to the fact that electric lawn mowers are the gateway to sustainable lawn care and the future.
  • Efficiency – because of their multiplicity in use, the electric lawn mower is known to be the best companion to any lawn owner. The ability to bag the grass, the side discharge and the ability of the lawn mower to do a clean job is never in doubt as compared to the gasoline based mowers.
  • Powerful – however not as much as the gasoline powered mowers, the electric lawn mowers are powerful, especially based on the motor installed to enable them run.

What to consider before buying your electric lawn mower

My use of diverse electric lawn mowers in the past three years has taught me certain things which any man should look for when shopping for the right lawn mower. Some of these are based on the features while some are as deep rooted as the overall manufacturer culture.

Though the lawn mower qualities are diverse, you may need to look at some of the following;

  • The motor power – checking on the motor allows the eventual user to size up the capacity of the lawn mower in terms of what number of hours it may take in one single use without shutting down.
  • Flexibility – the height adjustment feature is an important feature on most of the electric lawn mowers. To avoid cases of fatigue, the user needs to have a handle which may be adjusted to suit the posture and height of the user.
  • Comfort – lawn mowing is a physical process especially when it is done using the diverse electric lawn mowers in the market. This then calls for the handle to be soft and have a good to cushion the palms from cases of injuries. The presence of a soft pad or cushion, is what then makes any lawn mower good for the safety of the hands
  • The quality – the quality of the lawn mower will very much depend on the manner in which the design aspect is done. A lawn mower needs to have the eventual capacity to go for long without having to stop. Some are made with weak metallic or plastic which will break down into pieces when being used.

Knowing the quality of any given electric lawn mower is important in deciding whether it is the most suitable for you in 2020. The electric lawn mower therefore would be best seen from the diverse user opinions in both retail outlets of brick and the online ones.

  • The price – the consideration on the available budget is paramount if you are to survive in the capitalist society. The area of purchasing the electric lawn mower is not exempted budget fits what was budgeted and it is the obligation of the buyer to ensure that the purchase is effected to the later.
  • The manufacturer trust – the fact that there are numerous manufacturers whose lawn mowers are considered among the best in 2020 is enough proof of the trust. With the reviews in place, I would tell you for free that the lawn mowers in this category have literally earned that tag; it’s not given in a silver plate.
  • Accessories – electric lawn mowers need to have diverse accessories to facilitate their use. The importance of the power cord for instance may only mean that the lawn mowers need to be used away from the socket at no inconvenience. However, this may still be achievable if the lawn mower comes with a long enough power extension cord for use.
  • Design – in contemporary society, the looks say a lot about any given product. Lawn mowers with an aesthetic touch projects a sense of style and rich taste. Poor designs lead to the making of lawn mowers which break down when in use at the slightest moments.

The addition of the ease of repair is also important in ensuring that the lawn mower can be easily serviced when it breaks down. The simplicity of the machine and the fact that it can also be easy to clean can also be an important consideration.

What other factors should one consider when buying a mower?

There are numerous things to look at when buying a lawn mower; we have looked at a few which may be of interest to you which include:

The size of the lawn to be mowed

The lawn size determines the lawn mower to be bought. For instance, zero turn lawn mowers can be used for a yard size of one acre or larger up to even three acres. For others of over 3/4 acre, the riding lawn mowers may be suitable while yard sizes of 3/4 and less may need the use of the several reel lawn mowers or walk behind lawn mowers available in the market.

The terrain on the lawn

Using mowers on flat areas need to be done with care to ensure safety of the user. This is even more so when using an electric lawn mower. The use of self propelled lawn mowers is recommended in hilly yards. Additionally, considering the safety is important and so one needs to mow up and down the slope and not across if the yard is hilly.

The physical health of the user

If you own a half-acre yard, you are sickly and unable to use a push behind mower; the relatively expensive riding mowers could do the magic. For the smaller yard owners with no health problems, get a self propelled lawn mower instead.


The choice of the best electric lawn mower for the money in 2020 is purely personal. Each individual has got his own area of need and may need a different lawn mower from what the other individual may buy. Choosing an efficient lawn mower is ideal if you want to ensure that the work is done as prescribed.

Just like in real life, advice is good but you don’t have to use it, so is the diverse information on the use and purchase of the different brands of lawn mowers, which I know may not be as you see it. Moreover, you may prescribe to a different school of thought altogether.

But in some cases, heeding to advise may save you lots of cash, as it was in my case where I bought one lawn mower blindly, with bitter regrets afterwards. You don’t need to undergo such or deal. You have the diverse electric lawn mowers in the market to sample, before settling for what suits your needs.