Black and Decker SPCM1936 Cordless Electric Mower Review

If your own yard is about 1/3 acre and you want to invest in a good electric lawn mower, the Black & Decker SPCM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower With Removable Battery will become a suitable solution in order to preserve your lawn in tip-top shape.

It’s another product of the Black & Decker brand. Therefore, you might enjoy a strong power in mowing the grass like a pro with instinctive features and cordless technology. Now, please take a keen eye on main reasons why this mower is worthwhile to check out.

Black & Decker SPCM1936

Black & Decker SPCM1936
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Features of the Black & Decker SPCM 1936

As you know, self-propelled lawn mowers are great products. It can bring the most powerful ability in adjusting changeable speed and strong maneuverability. Therefore, when coming to this equipment, you can recognize that it is moved by motors, not your repulsion.

You don’t have to spend too much effort on pushing it. Additionally, it’s also equipped with a speed self-drive system which might be availed with or without the spinning blade. It’s rather convenient and useful so that you enable to store in the garage after completing the mowing job.

Easy adjustment

An advanced design of the blade will make you surprising because of the tight cut. Relying on that, your grass will be cut perfectly.

The one-touch height adjustment will help you adjust the cutting height of all four wheels at the same time. The 7-inch front wheels and 9-inch rear ones could bring a suitable balance when you’re cutting the grass.


This tool is supplemented with 3 options of cutting, including mulch, bag, and rear discharge. The mulching works rather effectively, so no bunches or piles of clippings are left behind. Also, the clippings are cut to fine mulch which vanishes promptly.

If using the rear discharge, the clippings will be discharged to the rear in place of the side regularly. In case you avail bagging in mowing, it simply works as well as all are collected by the mower.

Silent performance

Almost people are afraid of owing a lawn mower that creates too much noise pollution. However, when referring to this model, you don’t feel worried anymore. Just a button, it can blow up instantly and perform smoothly.

In comparison with other gas-powered mowers, this machine operates silently when cutting the grass. Hence, you are not worried of annoying the neighbor or wait for them to go out or to work to mow.

Zero exhalation

Almost people love having a clear environment after mowing their lawn. Therefore, picking an electric lawn mower will be a perfect choice for pollutant decrease.

When coming to this model, you can recognize that it emits zero exhalation so that you might feel comfortable about cutting grass and keeping the environment.

36 Volt Battery

This equipment applies a 36-volt battery – a sealed lead acid system that might be stored without leakage. If it’s full of charge, you can mow a yard up to 1/3 acre within 40 minutes without being afraid of anything.

In addition, this battery can be removed in order to store or charge or replace. If owing a bigger yard, you can avail another battery with larger capacity to carry out effectively. Ah, remember that you need to charge about 20 hours for an empty battery.

What I liked and disliked the Black & Decker SPCM1936


  • It’s very easy-to-use. All that you can do is just to press a button.
  • Be environmentally friendly with zero exhalation.
  • You might adjust the cutting height with ease.
  • Be quiet when mowing
  • Have a removable battery.


  • You might meet some difficulties when carrying out the self-propelled mode.
  • It is quite heavy (106 pounds and 108 ones for shipping).
  • You could sometimes feel tough when pulling it back. But when you get used to, it doesn’t matter.
Black & Decker SPCM1936 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Black & Decker SPCM1936 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
Check Price on Amazon

Black and Decker SPCM1936 Video


Generally speaking, the Black & Decker SPCM1936 is known as the greatest electric mower that might work well on small and medium yards. With a self-propelled feature, it’s rather convenient in cutting the grass. Additionally, it’s rather easy-to-operate and simple-to-mow.

Owing to that, you enable to perform your main task quickly, smoothly and easily. Buy it at Amazon site for Free Shipping and get a 2-year warranty!

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