EGO Power Plus 56V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Ego is a relatively new brand in the cordless lawn mower industry. But, it made a big impact by introducing reasonably good and heavy duty equipment which is suitable for large scale lawn mowing jobs. Their 3 in 1 cordless lawn mower is creating great vibes all across the lawn mowing fraternity for its impeccable features and outstanding performance. You can use this machine to easily mow large size lawns at home at a fairly good mowing speed. This is all possible with thanks to its large cutting deck blade of 10 inches and a might battery of 56 Volts.

EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt

EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt
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EGO Power Plus Features

This EGO Power Plus is considered as one of the most resourceful rechargeable cordless lawn mower available in the market today. It is powered by the most influential and powerful Lithium Ion battery of 56 Volts. It is also rated as the first ever battery of Lithium Ion type with so much power. It is known to have 40 percent more power than the second best battery available in the market which is of 40 Volts. The machine is found to be as good as a gas powered lawnmower, but it does so without producing any toxic fumes, noise and the fuss to manage the cord while mowing in some large scale garden in the house. It is a big machine which weighs 70 pounds, but managing and storing it is fairly reasonable. The design is foldable and compact in a way such that you will not have much trouble in moving it between places or for storing it in a congested place in the indoors or outdoors of your home. It is a 3 in 1 product where you can use it for 3 purposes such as mulching, bagging and for the use of side discharge. The cleaning and the maintenance tasks related with this cordless lawn mower are also hassle-free and conveniently done.


  • The machine is found to be very low in producing any noise. So you can use it at any part of the day with no fear of disturbing others. The tests have shown that this mower will produce noise about 20 percent lower than any good quality gas-powered system.
  • The users will benefit a lot with the headlights of this mowing system which allows them to mow easily during any time of the day and night as well.
  • The 20inch cutting deck blade is an ideal size to mow in a large size garden. It will require you to have a far less number of passes for completing the job in quick time.
  • The machine offer homeowners with 3 in 1 functionality. The 3 in 1 functionality means that you can use it for the purpose of side discharge, mulching and also for the bagging purposes.
  • The lawnmower with rechargeable battery is fairly easy to manage. It can be conveniently folded down to a compact size for easy storage. Further, the maintenance and cleanliness of the equipment are also done fairly easy.


  • The majority of the users believes that the price is too high to be reasonable for this product.
  • The 56 Volt battery gives a runtime of just 4 minutes, which is not that ideal.
  • The reliability of the equipment for long term usage is questionable due to lack of information about the product because of its relatively newer history.
EGO Power Plus

EGO Power Plus
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EGO Power Plus 56V Video


The EGO Power Plus lawn mower is a very powerful equipment to cut large areas of grass. You will like it for its powerful motor, quick charging and easy maintenance. The issues are with its lower runtime of the battery and the incredibly high price.