Great States 415-16 16-inch Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

Want to have a healthy look for your own yard? Wish to keep your yard green and clean? Now, you can acquire your desire if purchasing Great States 415-16 16 Inch Standard Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower with T-Style Handle and Heat Treated Blades.

This product is a classic kind of reel lawn mower and comes with a reliable price for non-stop mowing performance. Therefore, to help you understand this nice mower, we will list some specific and useful features below. Don’t mind reading through this review to have a clear look!

Great States 415-16 Spec

  • Cutting Width: 16-inch
  • Cutting Height Adjustments: 1/2” – 2-1/2”
  • Number of Blades: 5-blade
  • Wheel Size: 10-inch Composite Wheels
Great States 415-16

Great States 415-16
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Main features of the Great States 415-16


The brightest point of the Great States 415-16 is its 16-inch cutting width. Relying on that, you don’t take too much time or effort when cutting the grass. All that you can do are to carry out some passes over your yard. Moreover, this tool also offers a nice, accurate, and healthy cut.

The blades are made of tempered alloy steel that might bring a quality cut. Furthermore, the heat-treated blades are rather sharp; therefore, you don’t need to use more oil or pay more money for maintaining.

With a terrific advancement of cutting height from ½ inch to 2 ¾ inch, you enable to adjust the height so that it can suitable for your lawn.

Handling and mobility

This manual mower is equipped with an exceptional T-style handle and cushion grips that can create a comfortable feeling when pushing. In addition, there is a layer of powder that can keep the handle last longer and avoid rust.

Thanks to the 10-inch ball bearing wheels and radial rubber tires, this tool can roll smoothly with enhanced traction. Additionally, be supplemented with 5-blade, you might feel easily when maneuvering along the yard.

Tight and light

This equipment owns a tight design that permits you to put it in narrow spaces. Its appearance looks polished with a cover of black color.

Its weight is just 25 pounds (26 pounds for shipping), so you don’t feel tired anymore after completing the task as well as attaining more done in a little of time.

The good and bad points of the Great States 415-16


One of the most deserving things is its feature in cutting grass. No matter what you lawn is complicated or your grass is hard, this mower can deal with easily. In addition, it’s pretty easy-to-mow and rarely creates any serious problem. During the whole time of using this equipment, you don’t spend too much time or money on maintaining it. All that you just do is sometimes to lubricate or sharpen the blades. Of course, you will enjoy a pleasing feeling when using its handle.


A minus sign of this equipment is that it can not work well with tall grass. Therefore, if dealing with the weeds’ height (5 – 7 inches), you need to have another effective tool. In addition, although the handle bring a comfortable feeling, you sometimes feel difficult to attach for the first time.

Great States 415-16 Reel Mower

Great States 415-16 Reel Mower
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Great States 415-16 Reel Mower Unboxing and Test


If you want to cope with your grass and make your yard become healthy and beautiful, be quick to pick up the Great States 415-16 16 Inch Standard Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower with T-Style Handle and Heat Treated Blades right now. With a reasonable price and Free Shipping, this time will be ideal for you to buy.