GreenWorks 25302 G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

If your grass is getting too long and uncontrollable, it may be prudent to buy a good lawn mower. Instead of waiting until you get money to have your lawn mowed professionally, you could just mow it yourself. As long as you have a lawn mower in the garden shed your lawn will always look attractive. There are so many mowers you can purchase but we would recommend buying one from GreenWorks. An innovative company, Greenworks has so many lawn mowers in its product line. If you do not want another gas lawnmower, then we would advise you to choose GreenWorks 25302 electric mower. A battery powered electric lawn mower; the 25302 model is a perfect choice for people who dislike corded models. You can buy it for any lawn, especially a larger lawn as it will always work when the battery is full of electric charge. When the battery charge runs out, simply use the included charger to re-charge it. More about this model is discussed as shown below.

GreenWorks 25302

GreenWorks 25302
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GreenWorks 25302 Features

Rechargeable Battery

Being a battery-powered lawn mower, the GreenWorks 25302 is a dependable product. It uses the G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System. Consisting of two batteries and a charger, the GMAX battery is so powerful that it can power many tools for yard work at the same time. When one battery goes off, you can switch to the other one while the depleted one absorbs charge. This makes this mower version so convenient and reliable. Another interesting thing about this battery is that it can be used by other garden tools like the trimmer. So you save money because you do not need another battery for your garden tool.

20-inch Deck

The wider the deck the faster the task will be completed. GreenWorks 25302 has a twenty-inch cutting deck, meaning that you could trim your grass quickly and move to other tasks. The deck is easy to maneuver and its ability to cut quickly and perfectly makes it ideal for medium sized yards.

Smart Cut Technology

GreenWorks is known for its exceptional technologies when it comes to lawn mowers. The Smart Cut Technology is just one of its amazing technologies. Based on the thickness of the turf, the Smart Cut Technology adjusts for runtime or power.

Dual Blades

The quality cut is what most of us look for when buying a lawnmower to use at home. GreenWorks 25302 guarantees top quality cuts, mulching and bagging capabilities. In other words, you can choose to chop your grass clippings and use them as mulch or bag then for disposal. Whatever your choice is, the dual blades mounted on this mower will get the job done.

Automatic Battery Switchover

When you have depleted energy in one battery, the equipment will automatically shift to the next battery. It will then pull power from the second battery to make sure that you do not stop mowing once the first battery’s charge is depleted. There is no downtime with this GreenWorks Model. The only time you may be forced to recharge batteries halfway through the mowing task is when you wait too long between mowing and there is tall grass and weeds to trim. When the motors are overworked, they will draw more energy from the battery.

Easy To Handle

If you have handled a gas mower previously, you already know how bulky some versions can be. The electric mower such as the GreenWorks 25302 is a lighter weight model. So you can mow without getting short breaks and save time. And when you finish cutting grass, the only thing you should do next is to turn the mower on its side and clean its underside. This mower does not come with a costly hose pipe attachment to clean the underside with. However, you can improvise a method of cleaning it without spending any money on the pipe.

GreenWorks 25302 Video

Pros And Cons

The best thing about the GreenWorks 25302 models is the fact that it has two rechargeable batteries. What is more, the machine can automatically draw power from the full battery when the first battery has run out of charge. Furthermore, the battery can be used by other gardening items. Being a cordless mower, the 25302 model is so easy to use and maintain. It can mow through tall and thick grass although you might be forced to empty the bag and do repeat passes if you do not want to mulch. Also, many users complain about the foam handle covering that rips apart easily.

GreenWorks 25302 Electric Mower

GreenWorks 25302 Electric Mower
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This is a perfect electric lawn mower for every person including a few people with disabilities.