GreenWorks 40V 2501302 G-Max 19-inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review

For a superb performance and long lasting efficiency, GreenWorks make sure that their lawn mowers are never behind the latest technology and provides excellent and reliable cordless lawn mowers you can trust. For the convenient usage, the best cordless lawn mowers specialize in giving you the maximum area covered within one charge and would not let you face the hassles of repeated charging time off and on. In this way, this Greenworks 2501302 Gmax cordless lawn mower is one of the best companions for your home lawn mowing tasks.

Ensuring all the positive features GreenWorks offer high-quality lawn mowing experience with least effort and reliable performance. To find some of the best features found in this lawn mower, let us have a look into its prominent features and benefits you must keep in mind while deciding on it:

GreenWorks 2501302

GreenWorks 2501302
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GreenWorks 2501302 Features

Reliable and sturdy

Ensuring the quality of this cordless lawn mower, Green work promises to provide a reliable structure with a 19-inch steel deck for convenient and efficient lawn mowing. The sturdy and strong body of the mower allows a long lasting usage without getting damaged easily. So you don’t have to worry about its durability as it has been designed to give you the maximum performance you could expect from a quality lawn mower.

Smooth motor with a 10-year warranty

It has the DigiPro motor that works on a 40 volt Li-Ion battery and provides a noiseless and smooth run time for about one hour. The GreenWorks offer 10 year warranty time period for the Digipro motors and ensures the highest standards of smooth motor performance.

Lightweight and needs less effort

This GreenWorks cordless lawn mower is light in weight so you will not feel any kind of fatigue while working or moving to another place. It is easy and requires least effort to work with it.

Easy to start with and use

The mower offers easy operations and one click height adjustments. Additionally, you don’t have to pull cord or bear with the annoying smoke, rather you can enjoy easy breezy start off lawn mower with no or least noise around you.

Easy handling features

The height is adjustable and you can adjust it using a single lever as per your convenience. This makes it easier for very short and tall people to make sure they don’t have to stretch or bend a lot while working with it.

Battery charging time and working capacity

The battery charging time for one  2 AH battery is around 60 minutes minimum and for the two batteries, it may range from up to 120 minutes or so. A single charge may give you a 60 minute work time for up to 12000 square foot area.

Mulching and bagging

This lawn mower offers rear bagging of the grass whereas it can work in a 3 in 1 way by rear bagging,  mulching work and mowing at the same time.

Smart cut tech maintenance and working

The motor functions get adjusted to the thickness level of the grass to cut it efficiently and that makes it smart enough to handle your heavy-duty work.

Area capacity

It is perfect to be used in small or medium sizes lawn areas and would not need any repeated charging issues if charged once completely.


On the basis of the salient features, here are some benefits people have reported significantly:

  • The lawn mower has the least noise to offer and works smoothly without any kind of smoke, annoying noises or hassles of pull start options.
  • It starts with a click of the key and works smoothly all the way long.
  • It works simultaneously for one hour without any break and would not leave your work in the middle.
  • It has the smart cut technology that automatically adjusts to the grass thickness and helps in cutting evenly and smoothly.
  • The height adjustment option is supplemented by the 7 position adjustment levels that are controlled by one lever to adjust easily.


Some cons also follow as it may not be suitable for some reasons:

  • This model does not come with a battery and a charger so you have to purchase it separately seeing the compatibility with the mower itself.
GreenWorks 2501302 Cordless Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 2501302 Cordless Lawn Mower
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GreenWorks 2501302 Video


All in all, this works perfectly for those having a medium or small sized lawn as it will do the mowing in one go without any break. It works perfectly, adjusts easily, and mows smoothly for any grass thickness. You can rely on this smart cut lawn mower that comes with the DigiPro motor having a  10-year warranty that makes it a  reliable companion for your lawn mowing work.