Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

What is the Best Honda lawn mower to buy? This mower has been designed with many ingenious and state-of-the-art properties to enable users to perform its work properly. Users can manage how the mower works by using the handle. Should the user prefer the machine to work faster, the handle is pressed harder. It can be regulated automatically through the machine’s choke the moment the user starts to perform trimming or cutting the grass.

Honda HRR216K9VKA

Honda HRR216K9VKA
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Strength and Stability of Use

Honda products known for their standard quality make the mower’s life span hardy and longer. One plus factor is the mower’s sharp cutting edge made of steel.

Honda machines and other products are world-renown; such are Honda cars; hence the reason for lasting usage. The Honda HRR machine is built to last for many years. One outstanding feature is its 2-way greasing system and a built-in timing belt constructed to be used longer than necessary. Unlike many other cheap mowers, Honda models are indeed made to endure and to be more durable.

Excellent Cut

Honda mower trims grass better and accurately being a premium high-rate machine having 2-blade set-up. Honda mower is equipped with 2 cutting points on each blade to ensure that the lawn is spruce up, clean and well-cared of. Further, this mower runs noiselessly making sure the neighborhood is not disturbed even when users do the trimming in the early morning. A big rear bag completes the features of Honda mower to save time emptying it.

Drawbacks of Honda mower

The mower is more expensive than other models, and it is higher by approximately $100 more than other types of mowers.  Suffice to say; Honda mowers are far of standard quality and sturdiness. The price compensates its reliability. These mowers may be costly nonetheless they offer users more benefits than other less expensive ones. They may cost higher, yet they are at par in terms of their distinctive features. Honda mowers’ totality of features and characteristics of a product or service bear the ability to satisfy the users.

Rear Wheel Drive

RWD as with all RDW mowers makes it difficult to pull the mower back, however, what is worth about these mowers is that the power of these RWD is determined on how users work extra hard to push the handle that controls the drive.

If users do not depress the handle, it is easier to pull the mower back. The strength of the RWD is dependent on how hard users push the handle that controls the drive. If users fully depress the handle, however, it will be easier to move the handle up or to pull the mower back.

Honda HRR216VKA vs. HRX

Honda’s walk-behind lawnmower lines, HRR and HRX, offer great features being self-propelled types.

The popularity of these two models are not just because of the design, but their durability in which they can last for years of regular usage and high performance in mowing the lawn. Of course, their top of the line output comes with a drawback – these models belong to the higher price range in the market.

While both of these lawn mower models are under the same category of Honda mowers, users can still observe not only the several similarities but also the differences between them.

This review provides a fundamental explanation of the similarities and then the main differences in each model.

HRR and HRX Similarities

The capabilities of both lawn mowers, to say the least, are essentially equal. The majority of the functionalities are found in both models and thus outweigh the differences. Although looking on paper will give users a clue that the HRX is packaged with additional features, but when taking both models to the real tests, both get the job done excellently.

In this regard, the difference of both models should not be an issue especially for the average homeowners who are not overly keen lawn maintenance.


Similar cutting blades are equipped to both mowers

“MicroCut Twin Blades” – these are the patented cutting blades of Honda lawnmowers and these are present in both models. These blades are designed as “3-in-1” blades that are designed to gather, throw and mulch clippings to make the soil fertile. Of course, these are made using the best material with the company’s latest and cutting edge technology.

Grass Discharge

Similar discharging system is present in both mowers.

These two models are designed with “3 in 1 Clip Director” – a simple yet efficient system for grass discharging. Through this system, switching from bagging to mulching is done with ease and convenience for the user. It makes mowing the lawn with least difficulty.


Every Honda lawn mowers comes with residential warranty, and these two models are included

When buying equipment, warranty comes with it, and Honda goes beyond the usual warranty with their residential warranty that is present with both mowers that cover the lawn mower. The only and main difference in both models is the years covered by the residential warranty. The HRX variant comes with a five-year warranty while the HRR is offered with an only three-year guarantee.


The entire series of plus mowers of Honda comes with Autochoke and this is also a standard feature present in HRR and HRX

The choke system found in most commercially available lawn mowers are manual, and for many users, this feature is depressing to use. Honda gets rid of this manual system and utilizes the Autochoke system for both HRR and HRX mowers and thus, starting the engine of the mowers are now easier and simpler.


The self-propelled feature can bring a big difference to lawn mowing

The HRR216VKA model comes with self-propulsion feature, and this single capability sets it apart from most of the lawn mowers, even with the HRR series mowers. But, the lineup under the HRX models come this feature. The price difference of the HRR model that comes with self-propulsion feature is minimal, which is about $40, and is highly recommended to get this one to enjoy less effort but high efficiency in mowing the lawn.

Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower
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HRR and HRX Differences


The initial difference of the Honda’s HR series of lawn mowers is the pricing. They are divided into varying price ranges – the low, middle, and high-end. The HRR lawn mower series belong to the mid-range level while the HRX units are the high-end or premium of the series. Some people will view the price gap as a major deal, but looking deeply into the specifications of both models, the difference is insignificant even with the presence of additional features of the HRX.


Hydrostatic system – is it necessary or not?

Another glaring difference between the HRR and HRX mowers is the hydrostatic transmission system. This is present to latter. What does this system do? This hydrostatic transmission permits the user to have an accurate control of the mowing aside from the usual preset speed of the mower. This system is part of the “Select Drive” feature of the HRX. The HRR comes with “Smart Drive”. So, is the hydrostatic transmission necessary feature in a lawn mower? The answer should be no.


Starting the lawn mower engine is one feature that users will surely consider – HRR uses the traditional old cord to startup while the HRX utilizes electric startup

Another significant difference is the way to start the lawn mower. Since the HRX mowers are under the premium price range, it is justifiable that they come with an electric start button allowing easy and effortless startup of the mower. On the other hand, the HRR utilizes the standard cord-pull in starting its engine. Basically, this is down to the preference of the user and not a huge deal breaker.


Additional engine power, is it necessary?

Lawn mowers heart is in its engine. The HRX and HRR mowers come with Honda’s GCV190 engine and GCV160, respectively. The GCV190 is a higher specification engine than the 160in which the 190 comes with an additional 30cc and one horsepower thanks to the additional five millimeter wider bore. Again, it will boil down to the preference of the user, and this should not be a red flag.

Mowing Deck

Consider the material of the mowing deck

Another key difference can be found in the composition of the cutting deck. Both lawn mowers are equipped with mowing decks that are 21” in diameter, but they differ in the material. The HRR units come with solid steel while the HRX models use “Nexite” composite. This Nexite material is designed to be highly resilient to rust, dent, and corrosion resistance. This composite also comes with a lifetime warranty that the steel deck does not.

Which one is for you?

Most homeowners have goals when buying lawnmowers, and that is equipment that will cut the lawn efficiently and will last for years. In this case, the HRR model can be the cost efficient alternative to the HRX units.

Getting an HRX model means there is a need for accurate and extensive lawn mowing. This instance is where the HRX units are better than the HRR due to its unique, additional features, but not all homeowners are into extensive mowing of their backyard.

Overall, the HRR lawn mowers models are appropriate in general purpose lawn mowing since most of its specifications are on par or slightly below the high-end HRX. The performance of this series is not that compromised while giving the users some savings.

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Gas Lawn Mower

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Gas Lawn Mower
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Q: My mower is still under the warranty and where can I get it serviced?

A: Users can go to the nearest and authorized Honda service. To find one, simply use this online search tool: Input all the necessary data such as product and location, and it will display a list of nearby service centers. Take the mower needing servicing to one of these locations, and the authorized personnel will provide the servicing promptly and professionally.

Q: How about the possibility of a side discharge?

A: There will be no rear discharge (clippings exiting the rear instead of the side). This is not an issue because the mower supports both bagging and mulching. Discharging though the rear side should be done manually if the user desire, but care should be exercised when doing so.

Q: Can I use it on thick grass?

A: Yes, these lawn mowers are designed to be all-purpose and even difficult types of grass can be mowed. However, take note that this model is in the midrange for power, but the torque of the engine compensates for that effectively, so every cutting task is efficient. For those with concern about power, consider the Snapper.

Honda HRR216K9VKA Video

Final Thoughts

For those looking with the better functioning lawn mower within budget, one of the best options would be the Honda HRR216K9VKA. Performance-wise, it comes with features such as “smart drive” and “twin blades”. These units require less effort in operating and yet noiseless while in operation. It may be a little bit costlier in comparison to other mowers in the market, but users can get better overall performance from this mower.