How to Choose a Mower Blade?

Choosing a lawnmower blade matching the requirements of both, the lawnmower and the gardener, can get tricky at times. The first step in selecting the blade, is the identification of the material and size of the blade to fit the mower. Another important factor is figuring out what blade type suits the person’s cutting requirements. Here are useful parameters to look for before you choose a mower blade.

Lawnmower Blade Size

To determine the size of the mower blade, you first need to figure out the exact requirements of your machine. Whether it is about number, amount of holes or shape of the blade, it takes some research and knowledge to successfully replace the blade. Make sure that you well-understand everything about the lawnmower blades before you decide upon something.

How to Choose a Mower Blade

Matching a Blade to a Machine

A simple way to be able to match the mower blade to the machine is through reading of user manual of lawnmower. Others can identify the number, shape and blade holes for the blade installed. Once you identify the length and breadth, choosing the perfect lawnmower blades becomes easy.


A lawnmower blade can come in various shapes ranging from single blade to three blade design. Knowing what type of mower blade you need is critical. Most lawnmowers are designed to work with a single shape of blade and an incorrect one would not only be a misfit but can also damage your mower.


Certain mower blades come with a manufacturer number. This will be engraved or printed on some part of the blade. This number would make it easier finding the precise replacement.

Blade Holes

Measuring the holes of the blade is another good method to determine the type of blade needed. Blades come in various constructions ranging from one hole, two hole and three hole. Replacement of blade becomes simpler when you measure the hole of your current blade. Stores and websites allow selecting the mower blade using the measurement of holes.


Getting the right lawnmower also implies that you select the perfect length of the blade. If it turns out to be too long, it will not fit the mower. On the other hand, if it is too short, the mowing coverage is less. It is necessary to measure the mower blade before deciding on the new replacement.

Lawnmower Blade Types

Once you make the measurements, the next step is determining the type of blade. Some blades are specially designed for mulching while others are constructed for side discharge mowing and offer simpler bagging for clippings. With a variety of options before you, it becomes imperative to know what type of blade you need for the task you are involved, so as to save your time and money.

Reel Blade

The most popular option for mower blade is the reel blade. It is designed for reel blade mower and cuts the grass evenly while walking. These blades have a unique shape with somewhat curved edge for using kinetic power. Those mowers designed for side discharge of grass use a low-lift blade. They are specially designed to offer quick clippings expulsion. On the other hand, high-lift blades are designed to discharge the lawn clippings towards up and makes it easier for bagging.

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are similar to low-lift blades and are made for mulching purposes to get the optimum mowing experience. Users can easily mulch the grass using this blade and spread it well across the garden.

Gator Blades

And lastly, for those who want to mulch the grass, spread it higher and get clear vibrant lines, the 3-in-1 blade is the perfect option. These are called gator blades and are designed to offer low lift as well as high lift performance.

The right blade not only improves the efficiency of the mower but also prolongs its lifespan. Ensure that you choose a mower blade only after you do your homework.