How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

After long time use of lawn mowers, Lawnmowers blades become dull. At that point, it needs to sharpen the blade. Sharpening the mower blade is a very easy task. For the lawn mower users, we have mentioned a complete guide to sharpening the lawn mower blade.

How to Sharpen Blades on a Lawn Mower

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

1. Remove the spark Plug of Mower Engine

It is recommended to remove to spark plug before starting your job to sharpen blades. If you don’t remove the cap, mower may start anytime. It will hurt you. If you disconnect it, there is no possibility to start mower engine.

Just disconnect the plug by removing the prominent wire. If you don’t find the spark plug, know about where is lawn mower spark plug located.

2. Mark your Blade for Re-installation

After removing the spark plug, you should turn the mower on the side. Haphazard turning may cause harm of your lawnmower. Oil may leak. Leaked fuel may cause damage to air filter or carburetor.

Most of the mower owner makes common mistakes about reinstalling the blade. Most of the cases, they alter the position. Marking the edge with spray or other way helps to perfect installation of the module.

3. Safely remove the blade

While separating the blade from the machine, it is recommended to use thick gloves. Otherwise, its sharp edge may cut your hands. Before untightening the blade, block the side with wood so that it can’t move.

Without blocking the blade, it will be difficult to loosen the nut or bolt as blade moves with the wrench. You may use clump to prevent the turning of the blade.

4. Clamp the Blade at your workplace

While starting to sharpen your knife, you should ensure the steadiness of the blade. You can use Clamp or Vise to make the mower blade steady. Steadiness not only contributes safety issue but also helps to sharpen perfectly.

5. Sharpen the blade

There are several ways to sharpen the blade. You can follow any of the processes from below.

  • Using a file
  • Bench grinder
  • Belt sander

You should be careful about the using any of the processes. Conventional rules should follow to sharpen the edge of the blade

6. Re-Install the blade

After sharpening the method, reinstall the blade at your lawn mower. Always take precaution while altering the blade. Tighten your nut bold hardly.

Essential Tools & Materials

Instrument / MaterialsFunctions
Lubricating OilUsually, Lawnmowers nut or bolt is very hard to loosen. Lubricating oils help to relax it.
WrenchTo loosen the Nut or Volt. It is essential at the time of removal or re-installation of the blade.
ViceHolding the Blade firmly
FileSharpening the Blade