How to Start a Lawn Mower?

For all those who now own a lawn mower and are wondering how to start a lawn mower? The process is really simple and anybody can certainly do it. Yes it does require pull but in order to keep it running, you would need more tips. There are a number of different types of lawn mowers available in market today and usually with all of them the technique of staring remains same. Starting a lawn mower is a snap but the most important factor that one may consider before choosing any particular procedure of starting is to make sure that everything and everyone remains safe. Depending upon what kind of lawn mower and which brand you have, there would be some variations in how to get it started. Following the tips mentioned here and carefully going through instructions manual will guide you well.

Steps for Startup

How to Start a Lawn Mower?

  • First and foremost, you need to check up oil and fill it up if required. This is a simple step. Usually after a lawn mowing session, users end up putting the mower back away without reverting back to it for weeks. This could result in fueling getting neglected and you may begin to try running an empty tank mower.
  • Take a look in the tank and check if the fuel is filled up to a recommended point. Usually these gasoline powered mowers have markings inside the tank to indicate desired level of gasoline required for efficient running. Acquire the fuel just below the tube to avoid spilling it out. There should be sufficient amount of motor oil in your lawn mower.
  • Some lawn mowers use two-stroke engines that work with a combination of fuel and oil. Check instructions given by manufacturer of your product carefully.
  • Usually there exists a prime button of red or black color on the body of the mower. It may be located close to the spark plug. In order to get gasoline in the lines of mower, push this button for around 3 to 4 times. Be careful as you do not need to flood the engine with gasoline.
  • If your mower doesn’t have any prime button, you can get the choke activated by completely opening the throttle.
  • single spark plug end sticks out usually from the side or back of the mower motor. This is usually made up of lead that appears like a thick wire having a rubber cap on it. In order to have your lawn mower running, make sure that this lead wire is completely held with the plug.
  • To get enough fuel to be delivered to the mower engine to make it running, set the throttle lever at a middle or high range position. If this is not done, there will not be sufficient fuel delivered for engine to start up.
  • Whenever you begin to start your lawn mower, consider safety first. Check your product to see if your lawn mower has a safety switch installed. This switch must be pressed down when you are starting mower. Just pull the switch and hold it well until you are starting up the machine. No need to worry if your mower is a less expensive mower with no such feature. Just make sure that the mower is well on ground level and is in a stable position for startup.
  • Firmly hold the starting level, make a firm hold on the handle of starter and pull the mower with firmness. You may need to pull it multiple times for motor to start up. If it doesn’t start and sounds like trying to get started, check to see if you have sufficient amount of fuel. Also check spark plug if it is accurately attached.

However if you still find trouble starting your lawn mower, inspect the machine and follow troubleshooting steps mentioned in your user manual to get it started.

Check, if mower doesn’t start

If could be really annoying when your lawn mower doesn’t startup and you have tried all the chores and have made efforts for it to function. Main trouble could be fueling. Either there is too little of it or too much of it or even the problem could be that fuel is quite old. Before taking mower to a repair or servicing place, try troubleshooting with these simple steps by yourself.

  • Add fuel if the amount of fuel inside the tank is not enough.
  • Let your mover rest on the level ground position.
  • Your cylinder or carburetor may be overfilled with gas and it may be keeping mower from starting. You would be able to detect it with your hose as the gas flooded engine gives a smell of unused fuel. Let mower rest for 15-20 minutes in order to get the gas evaporated and then try starting it up again.
  • If you notice that the engine is starting up but stalls out then there is gasoline issue. The gas may be old and have gone bad while being inside that tank for long time. Clear the tank and fill in new gasoline. Dump the old gasoline in a waste recycler or elsewhere it is legal to be dumped.
  • In order to avoid this to happen in future, you can store gas in a container. This would keep your mower and engine in a good maintained shape.


It may be worst thing to happen when you have a full lawn filled with grass that needs to be trimmed and cleaned but you find that your lawn mower is just not starting up. Avoid ripping the cord again and again as it will only strain your muscles and body; instead follow the above mentioned guidelines for startup of lawn mower. Fueling is the root cause of most of the mowers not starting up and thus we first recommend you to check mower’s fuel and carburetor. Rather than taking the trouble of carrying your mower for servicing or repairing, it is better to spend some time and inspect yourself. This inspection in the end may prove to be fruitful in terms of saving time and cost.