Husqvarna MZ52 Kohler Engine 52-Inch Zero Turn Mower Review

Providing you with the awesome and ultimate experience of mowing, this ‘zero turn mower’ from ‘Husqvarna MZ52 967277401’, takes you in a separate world of comfort. The echelon of efficiency, performance and presentation which it offers to its customers is of the top most grade. You will be able to have a comfy ride over it, whenever you wish to, due to the ‘high back seat’ which is portrayed in front of you is with ‘armrests’ and the ‘ergonomic steering levers’, which can be adjusted in any manner as you want it to be, according to your preference.  The ‘heavy-duty steel frame’, the ‘intuitive operator interface’ and the ‘commercial rated hydraulic system’ adds on as a bonus to your mowing experience.

Husqvarna MZ52 967277401 25HP Kohler 52-inch Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna MZ52 967277401 25HP Kohler 52-inch Zero Turn Mower
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Husqvarna MZ52 Features

  • The commercially constructed engine, often known by the name of Kohler engine, provides you with all the needed power. It offers highly quality components and for getting your job done at a quicker rate, this engine reaches up to 25 HP.
  • It offers to you a variety of options for choosing from, when it come up to the cutting methods. This ranges from collecting and side discharge to mulching the clippings of the grass and many others. It allows for 12 different steps for cutting.
  • The life of the mower is very long due to the expansion tanks, drive axles which are large enough, charge pumps which features ‘premium integrated zero-turn transmissions’, the front coasters which are 6 inches wide and the pneumatic tyres.
  • All the service points like filter maintenance, battery, electrical system is easily accessible.
  • The ‘foot pan’ of the mower can be very easily removed.
  • It provides for a high back seat and a zero-turn steering system.


  • This ‘commercial zero turn mowers covers much space on the ground, very quickly. A lawn which is freshly mowed, indicates that you are taking pride in your property.
  • It is very durable, highly efficient and holds a lot of strength.
  • Extra maintenance and care is not the demand of this mower.

Tips for Easy Handling

  • The terminals and the battery posts consists of lead and its other compounds, so to stay away from its harm, it is always advised that you wash your hands handling these accessories.
  • This mower must be used with extreme caution as it holds within it the capability of severing hands and feet and hurling various objects. Children have to be kept of range of this object and adults should use it cautiously, after reading all the instructions provided in the manual.
  • Unless it becomes very necessary, do not mow in the reverse direction. If required, then before and while backing, always look down and behind you. And while you take turns, your speed should slow down.
  • Always operate the machine, when you are in your senses. Never operate it while being under the control and sway of alcohol or drugs.
  • While taking the machine into use, make appropriate utilization of the permitted and standard ‘Personal Protective Equipments’. Wear all the instruments in a very proper manner, so that, the peril of getting hurt is reduced.
  • Try not to mow on wet grass.
  • While you are on a gradient, never start, stop or make turns. Instead you should proceed very slowly on the slants.
  • Before storing, allow the machine to cool properly.
Husqvarna MZ52

Husqvarna MZ52
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Price Considerations

On Amazon, you will find the price of this influential ‘zero turn mower’ to be $4,799.95. Also, the best part is that, there is no shipping price for this mower. It is shipped free of cost at your door steps. On arriving, you will get this tractor to be assembled; just you will have a need to connect the charger, battery, the release chute and the seat safety switch. Also, add fuel and gas in the tank. It is not much complicated; you will be able to do it very easily and the provided user manual, will guide you at every step. Also, you can add additional protection to your mower by spending some extra money. You have to spend $299.99 and $179.99, additionally for availing the protection of 4 years and 2 years respectively.

The price which the company is charging for the mower is of a very affordable range for the product which is offered. You won’t get this so cheaper anywhere else; So, do not wait over much, its only 20 left in the stock. Order soon.