Husqvarna Z246 Briggs and Stratton 46-inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

The best appliance available in the market, for churning up your lawn’s grass is Husqvarna’s zero turn lawn mower with model number Z246 967271501. The mower gives a very smooth and hassle-free grass cutting and it is very easy to handle. Husqvarna has been coming up with one of the most trustable products over the years and offer a wide variety of mowers to shape up your lawn. This grass mower is capable of giving a perfect finish to the grass with the superior air induction technology.

Husqvarna Z246 23HP 724cc Briggs Endurance Engine 46-inch Zero-Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z246 23HP 724cc Briggs Endurance Engine 46-inch Zero-Turn Mower
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Husqvarna Z246 Features

  • The mower comes with an air induction technology, which helps in proper pumping of the air starting from top till bottom. This helps to give a fine texture and superior cutting of grass.
  • The mover is portable as it has a compact size measuring 75 X 55 X 42 inches in dimensions.
  • The cutting deck is 46 inches in size.
  • The product weighs around 690 pounds, hence is driving friendly.
  • The product is ready start, with just a key and the cooling fans make sure no excess heat generation.
  • The trimmer is very strong and durable as it is made of heavy steel which is flat-stock and can bear high strokes very easily.
  • The steering wheel works at a perfect angle and there is a least chassis flex for the ease of driving.
  • The deck can be lifted easily as it is driven by a spring and can be placed very easily.
  • The wheels move very swiftly and with ease around the corners of the trees giving a remarkable cutting.
  • The maximum speed that can be obtained is up to 6.5 MPH in the front direction and about 3.5 MPH to the reverse.


  • This zero-turn lawn mower offers great performance with minimal maintenance effort and cost.
  • Most of the product is assembled, with very minimal and easy assembly required like battery cable, discharge chute and the seat. You get a detailed and picturized instructions manual to help you out with assembling the parts.
  • You can also put an ROPS to this model and enjoy it all the way.
  • There are instruction manuals available for everything on Husqvarna’s website, such as for the maintenance, repair, spare parts and accessories etc.
  • This mower also cuts the grass in reverse direction and you do no need to do anything special to have it work that way.
  • It is very easy to ride and you will feel the comfort within a few minutes of use.
  • You can attach the available, but optional kits like armrest kit, a rain cover, a mulching kit, and a headlight kit.
  • With a controlled mechanics and easy operation, the mower does a very fine work and does not leave any cut marks or so and the lawn looks flawlessly beautiful.

Tips for Easy Handling

  • Refer to the instructions manual for easily assembling the mower.
  • Take care of the height of the deck while setting it up for grass cutting.
  • Be careful while mowing on tilted or landscaped surfaces and keep an eye on the speed while driving it over the slopes, slower is safer.
  • Make sure that the ground is clean of bigger stones, as this may cause damage to the blades upon continuous hits.
  • Do not try to get in touch with engine during or right after the operation, as it generates heat which may be dangerous for human skin. The cooling fan does its work of keeping the heat down, still it is recommended not to get in contact with the engine surface.
Husqvarna Z246

Husqvarna Z246
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Price Considerations

Husqvarna brings out great deals in reliable prices and is known for its durability, quality and testing. This zero-turn series lawn mower comes at its best price with lots of features and easy handling technique. Make your lawn look new and afresh by making it over with this lawn mower with this price and enjoy the grass cutting like a pro. All you have to spend is $2,699 out of your pocket! You read that right. You can go for an expert assembly at a little more additional cost and get set for the lawn grooming.