Learn To Increase The Best Push Mower Speed

If you want to cut grass in your garden, a lawn mower will be a useful machine at this time. Of course, you are able to search for various kinds of lawn mowers on the market and purchase one suitable for your own garden. In addition, you should know how to preserve this machine to bring the best result.

If you use the best push mower in mowing, your task will become easy and less time-consuming. In other words, this action will cut down your gardening work and give an easy way to cut the grass smoothly. Right now, you should learn some vital tips to enhance the speed of the lawn mower.

Check components that are related to the lawn mower speed

Learn To Increase The Best Push Mower SpeedEngine oil

To make the engine to work effectively, changing the oil regularly is quite important. Owing to that, your lawn mower speed will be improved better. Bear in mind that using the correct oil for the mower will create a superior performance and enhance the engine’s longevity.

Spark plug

Thanks to this part, the mixture of fuel and air will be ignited in order to control the engine accurately and efficiently. If the spark plug is unsatisfactory, it might interrupt the normal working of the engine and restrict the lawn mower speed. Hence, if necessary, you should install a new spark plug to improve its efficiency.

Air filter

In case that you don’t clean up the air filter for a long time, it can diminish the power for the engine as well as influencing the speed and performance of the lawn mower. To this trouble, you should replace or clean the air filter to enhance its effectiveness for acquiring the suitable speed.

Engine pulley

By altering the pulley size, some mowers which are equipped a belt system might be operated quicker. This system includes two pulleys. One will be connected to the engine; meanwhile, the remaining one is placed at the rear of the mower. So, if you increase the pulley’s size, the lawn mower speed will be increased, too.


The gasoline engine has a very vital part – governor – which adjusts the fuel’s flow to the engine. It plays an important role in setting the uppermost limit of the engine speed. By diminishing the governor’s length, the speed might increase better. In case that this part doesn’t work well, you should detach and check it.


You need to pay attention to the battery if you’re using an electric lawn mower. If the battery’s power is low, the mower might not work perfectly. Hence, you should check its capacity before mowing. Recharge the batteries or replace the defective ones to get the best result.


This device is used to combine air and fuel in the correct proportion to make sure that the engine could work well. So, if there is any trouble happening to this device, the lawn mower speed will decrease.

Drive Belt

Truly, if the cable or drive belt is damaged or worn out, it can create some bad influences on the speed of the lawn mower. The best way is to replace it to guarantee the speed.


Importantly, you should know that each lawn mower will come with a guidebook that gives vital details of the technical troubles related to the mower. Accordingly, you need to consult it in order to have some useful tips for improving your best push mower.