Poulan Pro PR500N21SH High-Wheel Side Discharge Mulch Push Mower Review

When mentioning the best push lawn mowers, almost people think that it’s not an easy task, especially since there are numerous kinds of mowers on the market nowadays. As you know, gas lawn mowers are supposed to be the most efficient ones.

Although you have to pay a large cost for fulfilling the gasoline, nearly all of the homeowners reckon that these mowers are quick and efficient. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH High-Wheel Side Discharge/Mulch Push Mower, 21-Inch is the representative machines in this category. In order to understand clearly about this mower, you should try to read this review below to know specific features as well as the pros and cons.

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH
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Check out features of the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH!

At first sight, this mower doesn’t create any interest to people because of its small size and engine. Nonetheless, experts say that the powerful engine comes from the small bottles. Additionally, the engine belongs to the Briggs & Stratton – the most well-known manufacturer. Fundamentally, these engines are known as the most expensive machines in the world. Importantly, this engine might bring in 4.75HP.

Keep in mind that the size of cutting width is rather significant. If the mower has a huge width, they might bring a quicker job done; however, you might face some difficulties when maneuvering. To the opposite case, a small cutting width will make you waste time a lot. So, that’s the reason why the Polan Pro comes with 21-inch in deck in order to give an effective and easy cut.

This gas-powered machine is also equipped with a side discharge. Therefore, all the clippings will be thrown in one side when you’re cutting the grass. However, it doesn’t supply a rear bag or disposal recipients, so you have to gather the clippings after accomplishing the task.

This product’s wheels are all the same size. Although if there are bigger rear wheels, it will be easy to mow, it’s not such a big trouble at all. You are able to control this machine with ease because the rubber wheels will bring an amazing performance as well as durability. Generally, you enable to avail it for many years without replacing any wheel.

Last but not least, this mover’s handle is alterable in size. No matter what you’re tall or short, it will be suited perfectly.

After using and here are some pros and cons for the Poulan mower


  • Be exceedingly efficient with the engine of the Briggs and Stratton
  • Have an alterable handle to bring a comfortable feeling.
  • Be simple and easy to maneuver and handle
  • Be lightweight (about 35 pounds)


  • Using the gas mowers might create some big noises.
  • Your yard might be full of smoke after completing the task.

There are just some our ideas about this machine. Almost clients who bought it on Amazon site gave good comments such as great little mower, great quality, and so on.

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH High-Wheel Side Discharge Mulch Push Mower

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH High-Wheel Side Discharge Mulch Push Mower
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Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Video


Generally speaking, with high-quality features and a powerful engine, the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH might work well with all of the lawns. It is easy-to-use, doesn’t ask for any customization as well as having any complicated features. Consider carefully and then pick up one for your own lawn now!