Best Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews (Buying Guide for 2020)

What are they? It’s like having an alien in the garden.

Proceeds from itself, cuts, following paths strange and bizarre, retraces his steps, and when he finished his work is hospitalized in her place alone.

But what is it? Well, if it is not an alien could be a cow grazing in the grass and keep it trimmed every day but it is not a cow …
We’re talking about… Robot Lawn Mower.

Until a few years ago were the result of amateurs who tried their hands with the new technologies. Today there are mature and finished products that we can use without any problems and we can facilitate the activity in the garden.

There is talk of an annual increase in sales of these products, sometimes a little expensive, especially in a time of crisis like the present, but may be a good investment in terms of time saved and that we can dedicate ourselves to the family, to their children.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

Leisure Activity

In fact, the benefit of owning a robot lawn mower is right in the saving of time.

In spring and summer, we should, if we want to keep the lawn clean shaven, proceed to cut a couple of times a week. The robot helps us in this.

Or, if we have a house that we use for the weekend, also our robot, being programmable, working independently, we do find the lawn clean shaven and ready on our arrival, without forcing us to loss of time in executing the operation and leaving us more time to enjoy the house and the weekend.

How robotic lawn mower operates

Usually a robotic lawn mower requires a border wire to be set up around the garden area and that will define the mower’s area of activity. The user can set up the border wire for the space he requires to mow. The robotic mower will identify the wire as boundary of work to be done. At times it also uses the boundary identification for locating the recharging dock. A typical robotic mower will trim grass up to five acres. It is an advanced ans sophisticated gadget.

The high end models of the robotic lawn mowers also come with rain sensor. Thus it tries to eliminate human intervention and interaction as much as possible. The introduction of robotic lawn mower has been represented as the second domestic robots to be used by people.

Robotic Lawn Mower Benefits

Why You Should Get An Automatic Lawn Mower

Here are many good reasons why robot lawn mowers are now creating waves in lawn and gardening circles…

1. It is environment-friendly. Automatic lawn mowers are designed to cut the grass in sizes which make it desirable as mulching material for your lawn. Upon decomposition, the cut grasses are returned to the soil and become a viable source of fertilizer for your lawn.

2. Robotic lawn mowers run on electricity and there are also models which are partially powered by the sun’s solar energy. With these practical sources of energy, robot lawn mowers help reduce global warming since it does not use gas or oil and it does not result in the emission of gases.

3. Robotic lawnmowers are programmed to follow the recommended grass height when cutting. It supports the cardinal rule of grass cutting-that is, only a third of the height of the grass should be cut at each mowing session. The robotic lawnmower’s random mowing pattern can also promote healthy grass growth and avoid creating permanent lawn mower tracks.

4. Robotic lawn mowers are able to detect that their batteries are running low which can prompt them to return to their recharging station to recharge themselves.

5. Electric robot lawn mowers are able to mow by themselves. You can program a robot lawnmower to mow only a section of your lawn at a time.

Which robot are more suitable?

On which surfaces these devices are more useful, since they are about 5-6 times more expensive than a traditional mower?

They can be used on lawns both small medium or large, also on uneven or sloping.

The robot is programmed to do its job and then the owner no interest in it.

The robot will perform the work for which it was programmed. Proceed in the cut so ‘random’ sometimes backtracking and changing direction every time he touches the perimeter wire border that is lying on the ground the first time you activate the robot (or we may even cut the grass of the neighborhood if you do not have boundaries …!)

Robotic Lawn Mower Brands

There are three main brands of robotic lawn mowers which have become bestsellers for many years now. These are the Robomow, Worx, Husqvarna Automower, and Lawnbott.

Best Robot Lawn Mowers In The Market​​​

Detailed reviews: WORX WG794 and ROBOMOW RX12

1. Robomower Or Robomow Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robomower is also known as Robomow. It is made by Friendly Robotics, a company in Israel, and imported into the US by Systems Trading Corporation (STC). Robowers are equipped with a rechargeable battery pack and uses three mulching blades.

Popular Robomow includes:

3. Husqvarna Automower Robotic Lawn Mowers

Automower is manufactured by a Swedish firm and is distributed by authorized Husqvarna dealers. The company boasts of being the first to introduce the first fully solar robotic mower and the first generation automatic robotic mower.

Popular Husqvarna Automower Robots include:

2. Lawnbott Robotic Mowers

Lawnbott is manufactured by an Italian company, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.

In Europe, it is marketed under the name Ambrogio. In the US, Lawnbott lawn mowers are imported by Kyodo America (KA). Lawnbott’s manufacturers claim that these lines of automatic lawnmowers are the best in the market.

Among the robotic lawnmowers in the market today, Lawnbott lawn mowers are considered the most sophisticated. It is equipped with an easy to operate computer that allows you to program the settings based on the work at hand.

Bestselling Lawnbott Mowers Include:

Lawnbott lb1200
Lawnbott lb3250
Lawnbott lb3510

Safety, reliability and power consumption

The robot mower consumes a few tens of dollars a year in electricity.

It is reliable because it requires no special maintenance (the battery should be replaced approximately every two/three years at a cost of about 150-200 U$).

For safety, the robot is protected with a PIN code and serial number, updates can be performed via Internet and in some cases also have a satellite tracking.

Another point in favor, are environmentally friendly. It is not necessary to dispose of the clippings. This, being finely chopped, is scattered on the grass (mulching) that feeds on it saving us from the collection and disposal.

In addition, with a cut continued, we also fight the formation of moss.

What to do for the use of robots

First we need to roll out the boundary wire at low frequency that defines the area to be mowed. This should be placed about 30 centimeters (1 foot) from the edge of the lawn and fixed to the ground of the braces.

Within a few weeks will be made invisible from the grass. If necessary, you can buried in the ground.

The charging station must be located in a central area than the area concerned and fixed to the ground.

The mower will proceed to cut within the limits assigned proceeding random. This results in a smooth, even cut in different angles, all revolving around the flower beds, bushes, and plants, also facing slopes.

Last information

After finishing the work of the robot, it is recommended that if you use a brush cutter in a perfect way to finish the edges of the lawn.

This will take us only a short time compared to full cut the lawn.

After all, even our barber, after using the electric razor, finishes everything with a nice pair of scissors…

Good work, opss … sorry, have fun with your own robot!