Sun Joe ION16LM 40V 16-inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review

When you are searching for a quality cordless lawn mower, then it is not just the performance and value of the equipment that matters. But, it is also about the suitability of the equipment which must be according to the needs you have. There are people who have congested storage space and they want a suitable device according to the needs of their lawn which could also be stored easily in the congested storage spaces at their home.

Apart from this, the potential buyers want affordable equipment from a reasonable brand which also has got the potential to last for a lifetime. If such things are of some concern for you then don’t make a purchase of a cordless lawnmower until you find out about the effectiveness of the 40V cordless lawn mower from the Sun Joe brand. It might not be a perfect mower, but you can rarely find flawless equipment. This guide will tell you about all its pros and cons in detail so that you could make an easy and a wise decision.

Sun Joe iON16LM

Sun Joe iON16LM
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Sun Joe ion16lm Spec

  • Cutting Width: 15 inch
  • Cutting Height: 1.18 inch – 3.15 inch
  • Max Battery Runtime: 40 min.
  • Motor: 600 W
  • Height Control: 6-position

Sun Joe ion16lm Features

This isn’t all what the Sun Joe ion16lm 40V cordless lawn mower have and it offers a range of features to attract the potential buyers. Here are some:

Safe and easy to use

The best thing about the cordless lawn mower is that the device comes with no pull cord hassle, no need for oil tune-ups, no issue with the handling of the tangled cords and finally no carbon emission.

Brushless motor

The equipment is stuffed with a very resourceful brushless motor which increases the efficiency of the battery and at the same time it maximizes the performance of the motor.

Less noise produced

The noise level while operating is quite low along with the vibration issues and this in return helps in increasing the lifespan of the brushless motor it has. The machine comes with a 40V battery which gives a reasonable performance.

Cutting deck

The cutting deck size of this mower is 16 inches, which is suitable for looking after the small and some of the reasonably medium sized lawns too.

Ergonomic design

The design of this mower is a cool breeze which is compact and it allows for very easy storage in congested areas at your home.

Adjustable height

The machine offers 6 distinct height adjustment levels and it can accommodate the grass cut in the range of 1.8 – 3.15 inches.


  • The best part of this cordless lawn mower is its powerful brushless type motor which performs all the lawn mowing jobs seamlessly with no loss or reduction in performance at all.
  • The design of this very powerful mower is compact which is easy to handle and occupies far less storage space.
  • The noise level and the vibration issue with this equipment are as good as negligible and it also enhances the performance and particularly the lifespan of the motor.
  • The mower offers 6 height adjustment levels so you can mow your lawn with the desirable length.
  • This lawn mower from Sun Joe manufacturer is backed with a warranty of 2 years.


  • The mower doesn’t have a mulching blade, so there is no mulching capability which can be an issue for the users who need mulching along with the mowing function. But, as long as the mowing of the grass is concerned, it works very well.
  • It handles the solid objects in the lawn quite forcefully, which can be dangerous for the user or people around. It should be noticed before you start mowing. Just try to remove stones and pebbles before you start your mower on.
  • The performance of the 40V battery is not according to the expectations as it offers limited run time. It is not too low, just not matches the mentioned capability.
Sun Joe ion16lm Cordless Lawn Mower

Sun Joe ion16lm Cordless Lawn Mower
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Sun Joe ION16LM Video


The lawn mower from Sun Joe manufacturer offers a great and a powerful brushless motor. It is good with its compact design, 2 year warranty, ETL certification and low noise level with no vibration issues at all. The major issues are with its inability of mulching and the lower runtime offered by the 40V battery. But, in its performance, it’s a great cordless lawn mower to mow your lawn up to your mark.