Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower Review

Sun Joe MJ401E corded electric mower is designed for the smaller yard. Mow Joe lightweight (around 28 lbs) machine is easy to carry and push from one place to another location. Its compact size helps to turn the engine at very tight space. But if the lawn grows too high, you can’t mow the lawn with this. You can control your lawn height with three different height controller.

Sun Joe MJ401E

Sun Joe MJ401E
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Sun Joe MJ401E Features & Facilities

  • Compact Design (38.5 x 16 x 36 inches)
  • Light Weight (29 lbs)
  • 12 Amp Powerful Electric Motors
  • 1,440 Watts
  • 14 Inch Cutting Path
  • Lawn Height Controller (Manual 3 Position Adjustment)
  • 10.6-gallon detachable grass catcher
  • Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Model Number: MJ401E

Sun Joe MJ401E Lawn Mower Review (Corded Electric)

We are going to describe here why MJ401E corded mower is on our favorite list. We have tried to described pros and cons of Sun Joe MJ401E engine. Hope, you will enjoy the reading.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in Reasonable Budget
  • Comfortable for the small yard
  • Great User Experience
  • Lightweight and Compact Design


  • Not Perfect For Large Yard
  • Struggle to cut uncontrolled lawn
  • Flimsy wheels

Compact Design & Lightweight: Easy to carry here and there

At a very first glance, it seems like a tow. The dimension of the Sun Joe MJ401E is 38.5 x 16 x 36 inches which are tiny enough. You can carry it easily here and there. The weight of the mower is only 29lbs Which can be quickly moved by women or aged person. No need worry about back pain. You can use it in a very tight space, as it is compact.

Key Points

  • Look like a toy
  • Not too heavy
  • Perfect for all even women or aged person
  • Made of thick plastic

Powerful Electric Motors to cut lawn

12 AMP Electric Motor is powerful enough to cut the thick grass. It is perfect for 5-6 inch tall grass. If you want to cut the 10-12 inch grass, you have to push it slowly. Otherwise, it will struggle. This corded mower is designed for the regular job. If you take care your lawn regularly or if your lawn is under control you can rely on this mower engine.It is made of plastic. Don’t be confused. This plastic is thick enough.

Wide cutting Area with manual lawn height Control

The Sun Joe Lawn Mower provides 14-inch cutting width. This area is perfect for every kind of garden. It also provides facilities to manually adjustable three position lawn height controller. It is up to 2-2/5. It is recommended to keep it in the average position. Your grass remains healthy enough at that position.

Detachable Grass Catcher keeps your Yard Clean

You need not worry about the cleaning of your garden after mowing. It has a removable grass catcher. Your garden will remain fresh. 10.6-gallon grass can grab by the catcher. If you want, you can use it without it.

For the medium size garden, you have to empty the grass catcher after a particular time. Otherwise, the grass catcher will be filled with grass and its stop functioning.

Easy to use

MJ401E starts with simple push button. Unlike Gas Powered Engine this walk behind lawn mower simple push with the simple power button. For its’ simple usability, It becomes popular.

Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower
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Live Demo

If you like video or have short time, you may follow the following Video. This video shows you a brief overview of the MJ401E electric mowing machine.