Troy-Bilt XP Briggs and Stratton 60-Inch Zero Turn Mower Review

This gas-powered Zero Turn Mower (Troy-Bilt XP) is a leader in its class in terms of every respect, Troy have always been the pioneers when it comes to high-end mowers and this product is nothing but the depiction of the same fact. The 25 HP engine that the mower possesses is capable of clearing very large lawns within minutes and also gives it the capability to function properly on a fairly rough terrain. The mower has been developed as a tool to take an easy ride around your lawn mowing it at the same time and maintaining it in shape. It is good for short term as well as long duration uses, making it good for both professional as well as personal use. The ease of using, precision and the strength accompanied with durability are some of the biggest strengths of this mower. 

Troy-Bilt XP 25HP 60-Inch FAB Deck Zero Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt XP 25HP 60-Inch FAB Deck Zero Turn Mower
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Troy-Bilt XP Features

  • Weighing 900 lbs, the heavy weight of the mower is no disadvantage given the fact that it has to be driven rather than being pushed by hands. The heavy weight on the other hand gives it a strong ground retention capability making it suitable to be used in tricky and rough terrains.
  • With the dimensions of 65 x 83.5 x 35.5 inches, the zero deck turn mower is perfectly sized to mow big fields with grand ease.
  • The 25 HP, 724 cc Briggs and Stratton engine used in the mower is definitely one of the best engines available in the market. The hydraulically powered EZT power transmission makes the engine supremely smooth and effective.
  • There is an 18-inch-tall seat with double suspension springs for making your ride smooth and enjoyable. The high back seat allows you to have a good look of how your work has been.


  • The steering capability and the fast twist and turn taking capability of the mower makes it one of the best ones available in the market at present. It gives the mower a field run even in the most difficult of terrains.
  • The frames are long enough to give good leg space as well as to provide the mower with required balance in the rough terrains.
  • The side deck is of 60 inches, giving it enough capability to discharge the cut parts for large landscapes. There are eight adjustable heights which are available while using the mower.
  • The mower comes with a zero-turn maneuverability, which assures there is no need of follow-up clearing after the first rounds. Again, the front wheels are grease able caster wheels, increasing the durability by manifolds.
  • There is dual-hydro gear EZT transmission system making the transmission of power to the engine easy and smooth.

Tips for Easy Handling

  • Though the EZT transmission system makes the functioning of the engine smooth, it doesn’t allow the mower for the heavy towing capacity.
  • Despite of its flexibility on almost all the types of terrains, extremely sloppy terrains are still a challenge for the mower which is hard to overcome. The heavy weight of the mower keeps it stable on tricky terrains but it is advisable to not use the mower when the slope angle is more than 20 degrees, as there is always a chance of the mower turning upside down.
  • The mower should not be used for very long durations as it will heat the engine and will make it less efficient. Also, it is advisable not to touch the engine while it is in function or immediately after it has been stopped.
  • Always use original accessories.

Price Considerations

There is no question more important than this ultimate one when it comes to buying or ordering a product. Yes, we are talking about the evergreen question whether the product has got the potential in it to justify the price tag associated with it. This Zero Turn Mower is priced at $ 5554.36 USD on the online market pioneer Amazon’s website. The product is available for free shipping in almost all the states and parts of the United States of America.

The price of the product is high enough for the delivery charge to be exempted. Although the product has the option of only being ordered in unassembled form, there is the option of ordering a professional assembler at the extra cost of $ 189.89 USD, which compensates for the unavailability of the assembled delivery option. The professional assembler will arrive within 24-hours of the delivery of your product and will do the fitting and fine-tuning work to make your mower in ready-to-use condition. The availability of this option at such small price is no doubt a coup. There are two additional features available at the time of ordering of the product. An extended warranty for a period of four years can be enacted at $ 240.46 USD while that for three years is available at $ 180.79. Overall, it must be noted that despite adding all the surplus charges, the product does not cross the 6k mark, making it a highly economical and suitable choice.

Given the current prices of all other models available in the market in the Deck zero turn mower category, it wins our vote for t