What Kind Of Oil For A Weed Eater Head?

Almost the models in the Weed Eater brand line of trimmers avail a two-cycle, air-cooled engine with one reservoir for oil and gas. Running these trimmers without supplementing an accurate mixture of unleaded gasoline and oil, which is designed especially for this kind of engine, will quickly destroy the engine. Normally, 40-to-1 is a suitable ratio or the combination of oil and gasoline needed to keep the trimmer’s engine perfectly lubricated.

What Kind Of Oil For A Weed Eater Head

Is it right or wrong in using the 40-to-1 ratio?

Truly, the 40-to-1 oil and gasoline mixture need to be clean, fresh and include 87-octane standard unleaded gasoline with no more than 10% alcohol content. Please, not use E85 fuel or diesel. You can recognize that the manufacturers will suggest these brands of two-cycle motor oil such as Paramount, Weed Eater, Poulan Pro or Poulan. In case that these brands are not available, please select a premium two-cycle motor oil for air-cooled engines and avail the same ratio for mixing. Especially, you should avoid utilizing automotive or boat engine oil because it is not possibly indicated and can hurt the engine.

Besides, you should avail a particularly marked fuel container to mix the gasoline and oil. Keep in mind not blending them directly in the trimmer’s tank. In order to acquire the 40-to-1 ratio, you just supplement 3.2-fluid-ounce bottle of the suggested oil to 1 gallon of gasoline. For a bigger capacity, supplement an 8-fluid-ounce bottle of oil to 2.5 gallons of gasoline. Next, close the container tightly and shake it a couple of times to mix. Whenever refusing the trimmer, please shake the container first to ensure the oil and gas are perfectly mixed.

Some warning signs

Extra smoke or heat coming from the engine could warn you know whether the fuel blend is old, wrong or inappropriately mixed. In case that it occurs, instantly shut off the trimmer to avoid damaging the main engine. Remove the existing liquid and start over with fresh, possibly mixed fuel to keep the engine working effectively.

Availing a fuel blend that is over 90 days also creates some troubles when running. Meanwhile, availing gasoline with more than 10% alcohol can diminish the engine’s power and make it run carelessly. In case that you avail gasoline with more than 10% alcohol, please remove the fuel tank after each use, remember.

How about storage space?

The stored fuel tends to acquire sticky and sticky fuel clogs up the fuel system. If you are going to put the trimmer in storage for more than 25 days, please clear the tank, replace the cap and then operate the trimmer. Permit it to operate until it stops on its own to clean out any remaining fuel.