Z-Beast 48ZB Briggs & Stratton 48-inch Heavy Duty Zero Turn Riding Mower Review

Z-Beast 48ZB 20HP Heavy Duty 48″ Zero Turn Riding Mower with Rollbar Powered By Briggs & Stratton Pro Engine. Briggs and Stratton has been manufacturing gasoline engines since its inception in 1908 and are known to produce stellar products.

Zero Turn mower should be bought by people who want good execution and reliability. Briggs & Stratton have installed a 20cc motor engine which is further combined with a double superior hydro-static system drives delivers the control to cut extra grass in a smaller amount of time. 

Z-Beast 48ZB 20 HP Heavy-Duty 48-inch Zero Turn Riding Mower

Z-Beast 48ZB 20 HP Heavy-Duty 48-inch Zero Turn Riding Mower
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Z-Beast 48ZB Features

  • The mower weighs about 850 lbs. It is orange in colour and the model number of this product is 48ZB.
  • It has a length of 75 inch, a breadth of 69 inch and a height of 58 inch.
  • The engine attached here is powered by hydraulic pumps and is manufactured by Briggs and Stratton, who are one of the leading engine manufacturers.
  • It is equipped with bonus items such as a seat belt for safety along with a cup holder so that you can stay refreshed.
  • The Carlisle belts are manufactured from high grade, high temperature rubber which increases the belt life by 250%. The patented soft-start clutch and spindle brakes aids for longer belt life and lower maintenance.
  • Other features include: Cutting width of 48 inches, keyed start, and twin cylinder engine, and hydrostatic transmission, horse power of 20HP and rollover protection.
  • It has a substantial obligation development with 12-Gage steel with 7-Gage fortified grip plate.
  • It has an easy start up with the electric begin and battery highlight. 


  • Briggs and Stratton products are known for their durability, high efficiency and strength. It shows excellence in engineering and is fitted with parts from Briggs and Stratton, who are also known for their excellence in creating world class engines.
  • It has a Quick-adjust floating deck that can be set between 1-1/2 in. to 5 in. in 1/2 in. increments.
  • It can be moved in reverse if required which gives the owner the power to adjust their paths accordingly. The maximum reverse speed is 6.5 mph.
  • It has the least assembled depth when compared to other products of the same range as this product.
  • It is a medium sized mower that can cover an area of 2-4 acres easily.

Tips for Easy Handling

  • Slopes are always a difficult area to mow and are notoriously famous for causing loss of control. It is important to go through the safety manual before mowing any area with significant slope. Since this mower is made for flatter terrains with obstacles, it is advisable to not use this product on steeper slopes.
  • The engine will heat up excessively after operation and therefore it is advisable to not touch the engine or the bypass linkages just after or during operation. Allow the device to cool down, before refuelling etc. Also, be sure to activate the park brake and take out the ignition key before doing any inspection of the machine.
  • The cutting blades might get damaged if they are hit continuously with small stones or similar items. In such cases, it is best to replace them after getting them inspected from an expert.

Price Considerations

This powerful mower is available on Amazon at $3772.20 and is eligible for free shipping only in the USA (excluding California). It will be delivered fully assembled. The only requirement from the customer is to add oil and gas to the mower for use. It has a 2-year warranty period and can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

If compared to other Zero Turn mowers, this model has a mid-range pricing.